Sarah Medland 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Sarah Medland

Professor Sarah Medland is the Coordinator of the Mental Health Research Program and Head of the Psychiatric Genetics Group at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane (Australia). Following her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Psychology, she completed her PhD in Genetic Epidemiology (2006) and undertook a post-doctoral fellowship at the Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics. She is a regular faculty member at the International Workshop on Methodology of Twin and Family Studies in Boulder, Colorado. Sarah and her group work on a wide range of traits including substance use, cognition, personality, morphological traits, women’s health and imaging genetics. She chairs the genetics working group within the Enhancing Neuro-Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) consortium and is an active member of the Psychiatric Genetics Consortium (contributing analyses within the ADHD, Autism and Anorexia groups).

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