Workshop 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Character Strengths Interventions: The Latest Strengths Applications For Boosting Well-Being & Managing Stress   (#14)

Ryan Niemiec 1
  1. VIA Institute on Character, Cincinnati, OHIO, United States

As the science of character strengths is evolving and advancing each month, practitioners are challenged to keep up with the latest findings, concepts, and applications. This workshop will be peppered with the absolute latest findings in character strengths (studies from 2018-2019) as well as the classics. Character strengths overuse/underuse and optimal-use, character strengths appreciation, new signature strengths research, strengths at work, and strengths and stress are a few areas that will be discussed.

You’ll experience your strengths in action, you’ll witness character, you’ll practices with the practices, you’ll discuss practices, and you’ll learn the latest concepts in the field that is often referred to as “the backbone of positive psychology.” It’s time to soar with character strengths!


Before the session, be sure to take (or re-take) the free, scientific VIA Survey of strengths ( and have handy your rank-order results (1-24). Absolutely not required, but those who want to dig deep into character strengths before the workshop can look into Ryan’s books on the topic, in the following order: Character Strengths Interventions (2018), The Power of Character Strengths (2019, with McGrath), and Mindfulness and Character Strengths (2014).