Workshop 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Positive Education Tour to Parkmore Primary School, Caulfield Grammar School & Berry Street School (#1)

Mathew White 1 , Alejandro Adler 1
  1. The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia

This tour will showcase Positive Education in action at 3 thought-leading, award-winning, Positive Education schools. The tour has been designed to expose you to wellbeing initiatives across three different contexts: a state/public school, an independent/private school and an alternative school for disengaged students. You will see how positive education is applied in kindergarten, primary/junior school, middle school, and secondary school. You will see how a range of evidence-based Positive Education frameworks are put into action: PERMA, SEARCH, Visible Wellbeing and the Berry Street model.

The schools will connect you with teachers, school leaders, students and parents to give you a rich understanding of how to take positive education science and turn it into effective practice. The range of schools across sectors, year levels and Positive Education frameworks will open your eyes to an array of new practices and leave you with a raft of ideas to take back to your school.

The interactive tour will be led by 2 World Expert Scholars in the Field: Associate Professor Mathew White and Dr Alejandro Adler, who will scaffold the learning at each school with interactive and reflective bus ride sessions between the schools. The bus rides give you an opportunity to see the beautiful tree lined streets of Melbourne, get to know other people in the field of Positive Education from across the globe and share what’s happening at your school with those on the bus.