Workshop 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Positive Education tour to Geelong Grammar School and the Institute of Positive Education (#2)

Rebecca Cody 1 , Justin Robinson 1
  1. Geelong Grammar School, Corio, VIC, Australia

In 2018, Geelong Grammar School (GGS) celebrated the tenth year of its successful implementation and embedding of Positive Education, and the fifth year of operation of its Institute of Positive Education.

This Positive Education tour is your opportunity to experience a day at Geelong Grammar School and gain a personal insight into the School’s journey in placing wellbeing at the heart of education. 

About the tour day:

Delegates will:

  • participate in discussions with GGS school leaders, teachers, students and parents;
  • hear about discoveries from GGS’s investment and commitment to independent research;
  • reflect on GGS’s ‘Learn, Live, Teach and Embed’ model and be introduced to the Institute’s Positive Education Roadmap tool;
  • be presented with a wide range of best-practice examples from schools around the world implementing Positive Education;
  • gain insight into key learnings from the development of a comprehensive explicit Positive Education curriculum, consisting of more than 400 developmentally sequenced lessons;
  • have a guided tour of the campus, visit a Boarding House, see the Wellbeing Centre in action and have lunch in the School’s historical dining hall;
  • visit the Institute of Positive Education office, meet team members and learn about the mission and impact of the Institute’s work.