Workshop 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Mindfulness in Positive Psychology: The Adventure of Meditation and Flourishing (#8)

Itai Ivtzan 1
  1. Naropa University, Boulder, CO, United States

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular interventions in psychology, the interest in which grows year after year. Positive psychology (PP) is the fastest developing branch of psychology, whose expanding journey of investigating human flourishing has attracted great interest. What happens when these two are brought together?

This workshop will inform you about the fascinating points of convergence between mindfulness and PP. We will explore various mindfulness programs focused on increasing positive variables, such as meaning, compassion, positive emotions, strengths, and gratitude. These programs are flourishing-focused, thereby embodying the spirit of PP.

The workshop covers three aspects: Theory, Research, and Practice. We will discuss some theoretical background to the convergence between PP and mindfulness, including the role of savoring and meaning in the creation of what I call the “positive mindfulness cycle”. Research will be addressed as well, and studies that bring to life the impact of mindfulness on the experience of flourishing, growth, and positive transformation will be highlighted. Finally, we will practice different mindfulness exercises designed to increase self-compassion, meaning, and savoring.

This workshop is intended to provide an adventurous, creative, and open space, where we learn about mindfulness and PP, while being mindful and playful.