Hector Escamilla 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Hector Escamilla

Héctor Escamilla is President of Tecmilenio University, serving 60,000 students in 29 campus) focused on providing the highest return on investment in education that translates into: High Employment rates and their Wellbeing & Happiness of graduates. He led a team that initiated a disruptive innovation process developing a vision that embraces Wellbeing and Happiness for students, faculty and administrators based on the Science of Positive Psychology with a vision: “To prepare people with a purpose in life and competencies to achieve it”. Martin Seligman recognized Tecmilenio as the First Positive University in the world. He has a BS in Plant Science (1980) from Tecnologico de Monterrey, a M.Sc. in Horticulture from Michigan State University (1985) and a PhD from Texas A&M University (1992). He is founding member part of the committee that leads International Positive Education Network (IPEN).

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