Angie Hilton 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Angie Hilton

Angie Hilton has been a television host and professional singer for over 20 years. In her late 20’s Angie suffered a debilitating bout of anxiety and depression that lasted around 2 years. During this time she immersed herself in all methods of therapies. Angie read countless self-help books, watched documentaries, sought out various spiritual teachings and healings and eventually emerged from the dark place with a new strength and an assurance. She learnt that with effort and understanding, her mental health issues could be improved dramatically. Angie had made a pact with herself that if she ever came through that dark stage, she would make it her mission to help as many people as possible, that may be suffering in the same way she did. This lead to the birth of Destination Happiness TV show. A show that would bring positivity to our screens, when so much we are currently shown in the media is doom and gloom. Angie knew the show had to be created in a way that could reach the masses. It had to look like a standard ‘lifestyle show’ but would be guided by principles of positive psychology and have an underlying layer of depth, education, vulnerability and inspiration. Surrounding herself with a great team of experts, clinical psychologist Chris Mackey and author of Positive Oncology Sue Mackey, Angie has now produced 2 series of 13 episodes each, that aired on the 9 network in Australia and have recently been picked up for international distribution.

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