Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Bringing Positive Psychology to the Masses (#60)

Angie Hilton 1 , Chris Mackey 1

TV presenter and singer Angie Hilton has a mission: to bring positive messages to the masses. Her quest has resulted in the production of two series of a national Channel 9 TV show Destination Happiness.

After experiencing debilitating anxiety and depression in her late 20’s, Angie made ‘happiness’ her full time research project. She was determined to understand how she got into that state, how she could get out of it and how she could stay out of it.

To create Destination Happiness Angie knew she needed experts behind the scenes. She teamed up with clinical psychologist Chris Mackey and his wife Sue Mackey (author of Positive Oncology). Together they planned to weave a message of positive psychology throughout the show whilst maintaining an entertaining lifestyle TV format.

With two 13 part series having aired, averaging around 120,000 viewers nationally each week and a digital community of over 10 thousand people, Destination Happiness has already achieved delivery of Positive Psychology to a vast audience.

In her presentation, Angie will touch on her own challenges with mental health and outline some of the challenges of getting an independent show to air. She will also share some of the surprising and encouraging responses she received from vi