Milad Hadchity 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Milad Hadchity

Milad Hadchiti is passionate about human potential. Through his 20 years of work as a radio, television host and trainer, Milad has developed a profound interest in the fields of Positive Psychology, coaching psychology and self-development with particular emphasis on constructive media. He is the founder of HUMANSHIP, NGO and a resource network for positive psychology in Lebanon, and the region. Dubbed the “positivity guru” of the Middle East, Milad spreads positivity through media and interactive workshops. He is the author of the best-selling book “365 for a Positive Life”, a daily guide to adopting a positive mindset. Recently, he produced the first ever television show entitled “The Moment”, which utilized positive psychology during prime time viewing. The content of the show included techniques and guides on how to achieve resilience and emotional agility, as well as stories of empowerment from well-known public figures to movie stars in Lebanon. Milad is currently in the process of finalizing his Masters in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology from the University of East London. Milad energises and motivates his audience to think differently. Through humorous stories, refreshing insight, and latest techniques, he inspires people to make a positive change in their life through “one smile at a time”.

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