Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Positive Media: Bringing Positive Psychology to the Masses (#61)

Milad Hadchity 1
  1. HUMANSHIP, Beirut, BEIRUT, Lebanon

The awareness of mental health issue is rapidly increasing, and hence, healthcare professionals are now striving to lower the stigma and provide comprehensive care in Lebanon.

Additionally, in a small country like Lebanon, with a massive load of political, social and economic crisis, not only the Lebanese citizens are mentally suffering, but also the millions of refugees whomigrated due to war-related problems.

As a positive psychology coach and Tv host, Milad Hadchiti has used media to enhance people’s wellbeing through prime time tv with a show entitled the “The Moment”.

This show included social experiments, techniques, interviews and guides on how to achieve resilience and emotional agility, as well as stories of empowerment from well-known public figures and movie stars in Lebanon.

Moreover, the response to the show was highly positive as it was trending on social media with high engagement from the audience, due to the effect it had in them. The moment was able to provide comfort and happiness to its audience with its positive messages and heartfelt stories.