María Elena M E Garassini 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

María Elena M E Garassini

Graduate in Psychology, Master in Psychology of Human Development and PhD in Psychology from the Central University of Venezuela, PhD in Didactics and Organization of Educational Institutions by the University of Seville in Spain, Specialist in Couple and Family Therapy (PROFAM Caracas in alliance with Center for Couples and Family Development, Florida, USA). Director of the School of Psychology of the Metropolitan University (UNIMET) and Coordinator and teacher of the Diploma Course in Positive Psychology of CENDECO-UNIMET until December 2017. Coordinator and Professor of the Diploma Course in Positive Psychology of the Universidad Tadeo Lozano and the Corporación Univeristaria Iberoamericana in Bogotá. Designer and professor in the Master of Positive Education and Positive Leadership in Tecmilenio University. Founding member and the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Society of Positive Psychology (SOVEPPOS). Representative for Venezuela of the IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association). Coordinator of the Positive Youth Development project initiated in alliance with UNICEF-UNIMET-SOVEPPOS. Compilator and author of chapters of books published in Venezuela regarding Positive Psychology by SOVEPPOS and the ALFA publishing house: Positive Psychology: Studies in Venezuela (SOVEPPOS, 2010); Lasting Happinnes: Studies of well-being in Positive Psychology (ALFA, 2012); Venezuelan Strenghts: well-being promotion trought Positive Psychology (ALFA, 2014); Contributions of Positive Psychology to well-being at work: learning from a Venezuelan experience (SOVEPPOS, 2014); Positive Psychology in action: Start with what is right (SOVEPPOS, 2016). Author of thr boos published in Colombia: Positive Psychology and non violence comunication (Manual Moderno, Bogotá, 2018); How to accompany my teenage sons with their strengths (Bogotá, 2018). Tutor of undergraduate and postgraduate work in the area of ​​Positive Psychology in the areas of Flow, Passion, Strengths of Character, Positive Youth Development, and Appreciative Inquiry. Author of scientific articles published in refereed journals.

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