Oral Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Providing Tools For Wellbeing Based On Their Strengths For In Migrant Kids Teenagers And Parents   (#95)

María Elena M E Garassini 1
  1. UNICEF Venezuela, Cabrera, CONDINAMARCA, Colombia


 In UNICEF Venezuela, at this moment, one of the concerns refers to the security, rights and wellbeing for the children because of the big amount of families in migrating. There are different family patterns to move to neighbor countries. In some cases, one or both parents move first and the children are taken care for the grandma, other members of the family or neighbors, in other cases one parent with the smallest or the oldest son move and in other cases the all family travel together without enough resources. Considering this reality UNICEF Venezuela want to know the conditions of the children and their families focus on their needs and resources to deal with their migrant situation.

The Family drawing test, spontaneous drawings and interviews to measure psychological, physical and social wellbeing, and the VIA questionnaire of are the instruments to measure the different variables to make a diagnostic picture to obtain the needs and the own psychological resources (focus on strengths) of the sample as persons, families and community. Finally, the project is going to create guidelines to use the strengths of children, teenagers and parents to lead with their needs showing successful testimonies or cases.