Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Tracing The Growth Of Positive Education: Examining The Scope, Scale And Focus Of Positive Education Research Over Several Decades In Fifteen Key Journals (#206)

Daniel J Loton 1
  1. Centre for Positive Psychology, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Positive education refers to principles and interventions from the field of positive psychology applied in educational settings. Bibliometric studies show positive education is a prominent sub-field of the positive psychology literature (Rusk & Waters, 2013), and positive education interventions can support both wellbeing and learning (Waters, 2011). As such, there is a considerable interest from researchers and practitioners about the scope of positive education research. The current study examines how the science of positive education has grown over the last 75 years. Language analysis and in-depth coding of positive education abstracts dating back to 1940 across fifteen key psychology journals, as well as from 2009 across the two major positive psychology conferences (IPPA World Congress and European Conference) was conducted. Abstracts were identified through the LIWC word filter methodology and then assessed against positive criteria. Abstracts were then coded by multiple researchers according to a rubric that identified dimensions such as theoretical frameworks, focus, design, settings and outcomes. This conference presentation will highlight the past and present trends and directions of positive education. Results will illuminate the growth of the field and indications for possible future directions as well as suggestions for classroom practice will be highlighted.