Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Enhancing Student Wellbeing through Strengthening Head, Heart and Humanity (#287)

Scott Cowie 1
  1. Upper Canada College, Toronto, ON, Canada

Upper Canada College (UCC), established in 1829, is an All-Boys, Independent, International Baccalaureate World School located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s largest city.  Within the context of UCC’s rich historic tradition, Wellbeing has been identified as a foundational element of the institution’s new strategic directions, emerging as one of its nine strategic priorities and has been established as one of five core values for the school. Firmly rooted in the tenants of Positive Psychology, UCC’s development of a unique approach to supporting student and community wellbeing is nearing the end of its first year.

Participants attending this interactive symposium session will learn about:

  •   key steps in the journey toward establishing an approach to wellbeing in a K-12 school setting
  •   responding to student needs in the areas of emotional, social, cognitive and physical wellbeing
  •   proactive strategies to further personal development and enhance student wellbeing

The content in this session will generate some initial ideas for those schools just beginning their journeys in the space of Positive Education, and prompt some evaluative reflection for schools with existing Positive Education programs and practices.