Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Positive Education The Rationale For And Examples Of A Whole School Approach (#240)

Frederika Roberts 1
  1. 'RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success', 'The Happiness Speaker', Leeds, WEST YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Individual abstract for symposium submission: 58217

A whole school approach to positive education (PE) is the holy grail, but when speaking to school leaders and teachers during the course of her work and writing her books, Frederika realised that whilst many aim for this, there are barriers to achieving implementation at whole school level.  She therefore decided to make this the focus of her major project dissertation for her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and the subject of her forthcoming book (release date Spring 2020).

In this presentation, Frederika will summarise some of the key rationales behind striving for whole school positive education, and highlight examples from around the world, from schools she has worked with directly and those whose leaders she has interviewed.

As a result of this presentation, audience members will have a better understanding of the sometimes small, simple steps they can take towards a whole school approach to PE.  They will be able to draw ideas and inspiration from those who have begun the journey before them, and adapt them to implement in their own setting.