Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Connectedness Mindset (#208)

Anne Johnstone 1
  1. Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon, NSW, Australia

This presentation will explore the strategies by which we can increase a sense of connection, belonging, engagement, and ultimately greater levels of well-being in school students by inspiring and empowering students to adopt a ‘connectedness mindset’. A connectedness mindset is a new concept developed by Anne Johnstone in her PhD under the supervision of Peggy Kern and Lea Waters. A 'connectedness mindset' focuses on fostering an authentic other-person centred approach. Anne’s PhD studies how ‘connectedness mindsets’ can be developed through PPI’s and how these lead to student wellbeing through the mediated relationship of fostering high quality connections with others. Anne will reflect on the power of connection, how high quality connections can be formed in schools, why they are so important for students today, how we might look at measuring them, and how connection can work as a positive intervention for building well-being in schools. Anne will also share how educators can help students harness the power of connecting, and connection with each other, to promote a more positive school culture and help generate a ripple effect in school communities and beyond.