Conversation Hour Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

PESA Conversation Hour - Future Directions in Positive Education (#77)

Marita Hayes-Brown 1
  1. Positive Education Schools Association (PESA), Mornington, VIC, Australia

Over the past decade, Australia has led the field in applying positive psychology within education. Uptake of Positive Education within government, independent and religious-affiliated schools nation-wide is unparalleled.  Indeed, in April 2018, Dr Martin Seligman noted that Australia is 5-10 years ahead of the rest of the world.


PESA has played a dominant role in supporting and enabling these successes.  Established in 2014, PESA is Australia’s national Positive Education peak body, serving over 2,000 members across Australia and internationally, engaging stakeholders, equipping members with high quality resources and facilitating collaboration.


The successes of Positive Education across Australia also have brought numerous challenges. This Conversation Hour hosted by Marita Hayes-Brown, PESA CEO, brings together an expert panel, including:


  • Laura Allison, Catholic Education WA
  • Tom Brunzell, Berry Street
  • Anne Johnstone MAPP, PESA Deputy Chair & Principal, Ravenswood School for Girls
  • Dr Peggy Kern, Centre for Positive Psychology, MGSE, University of Melbourne
  • Simon Murray OAM, PESA Chair


The panel will discuss the growth of and future directions in Positive Education in Australia, including outlining the current landscape, contemplating new frontiers and emerging practices in the field, and proposing strategies for wide-scale adoption in schools across Australia with greater parent and wider community engagement.