Lisbeth Gorr 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Lisbeth Gorr

When Libbi Gorr was asked to create a two-hour Health and Wellness Radio program for ABC Radio Melbourne and Victoria on a Sunday morning, her first thought was that management were covertly telling her she was fat. The thought too of perpetuating fad notions that eating kale and wearing lycra were roads to happiness were an anathema to her. Thus the genesis of a truly unique radio program that combines aspects of western medicine for the more traditional older audience with a gradual evolution into themes of resilience and positive psychology. Overwhelmingly influenced by Seligman, eastern Concepts of mindfulness and meditation, personal stories of evolution and growth and the role of both exercise and the arts in creating a positive mindset, the program was a market innovator in 2016, and now, in its fourth year, has a state-wide audience reach of around 150,000 people a week. The show’s identity has comfortably osmosed into the Wellness Show for The Chronically Flawed and Eternally Optimistic, with the mantra that “we can make tomorrow a better day than today”. Libbi is a Law Graduate with a background in tonight shows, social satire, arts and politics. Her calling card is authenticity.

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