Anna Han 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Anna Han

Anna Han is the Director of Yijia Futurepea, a Positive Education Serving Platform and provides professional services to schools, companies, professional positive education teachers in the fields of positive education training, courses, consulting, measurement, and co-strategy management. She is servicing Chinese schools and companies to build the wellbeing of core managers, teachers, students, parents and employees. She has the mission of cultivating wellbeing in China. Anna is also the CEO of PECA (Positive Education China Academy), leading the organization to research and organize the communication between the members of PECA and the international recognized organizations such as PESA (Positive Education Schools Association), IPEN (International Positive Education Network) and IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association). She is the representative of PECA taking part in the 2018 PESA Conference and giving the presentation of Chinese Positive Education Development. In 2019 she will continue to present Chinese Positive Education New Developments in PESA and IPPA conference. 。 Over the past seven years Anna has focused on enhancing her knowledge in the wellbeing psychology learning fields. She is the professional teacher and mentor of positive psychology skills, Visible Wellbeing course, coach, constellation skills and mindfulness skills. Anna is an artist of Chinese Flower Arrangement and focusses on using the favorable and natural method to innovate new content which combines positive psychology and Chinese cultural to service the Chinese women building wellbeing experience. Anna is a diligent female entrepreneur who lead the Yijia Team to receive an award in the 2017 Shanghai Female Innovation Competition and the 2016 Global Beta Pitch Innovation Competition.

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