Nathan L Jones 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Nathan L Jones

Nathan Leigh Jones is a creative communicator with an interest in music, media and psychology. He loves people, and is fascinated by what makes them tick. Nathan has spoken for thousands of brands as a professional voice artist, and has performed as a singer/songwriter all over the world. Since winning a record deal with Sony Music in 2004 and being awarded 'Artist of the Year', his songs have been featured on multiple television and radio networks across Australia and the US. In 2018, Nathan completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at the University of Adelaide where he explored the effects of music and lyrics on emotion, and is furthering this research with a PhD in 2019. Currently, Nathan is working on innovative projects that promote wellbeing and social cohesion through the application of music and positive psychology.

Abstracts this author is presenting: