Mohsen Joshanloo 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Mohsen Joshanloo

Mohsen Joshanloo received his Ph.D. in psychology from Victoria University of Wellington in 2013, and he is currently an associate professor of psychology at Keimyung University in South Korea. He has published widely on cross-cultural differences and similarities in mental well-being. His research interests include: (1) understanding the factors that facilitate or impede well-being, (2) examining the ways in which individuals, religions, and cultures construct and interpret the meaning of well-being, (3) investigating the ecological and cross-cultural validity of comprehensive models of well-being, (4) understanding how and why people in various cultures pursue or avoid happy experiences, and (5) statistical methods for analyzing large-scale, multi-cultural, and multi-level data. Mohsen advocates a decentralized and pluralistic approach to the social sciences, and is committed to an increased consideration of the diversity of human experience across cultural groups. In this effort, he is supported by a vast and growing network of international colleagues across the five continents. Many of his own studies include samples from under-represented populations. Among his research awards is the International Society of Quality-of-Life Studies Young Scholar Award 2018 and Ruut Veenhoven Award 2019 for contribution to well-being research across the globe. Link to Mohsen's website:

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