Jennifer Cory 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Jennifer Cory

As a clinical social worker and psychotherapist (Columbia University, ’01), Jennifer Cory entered the field of positive psychology with a strong understanding of the impact that persistent and cumulative stressors can have on quality-of-life. As a person living with a chronic illness, she had a personal understanding of those challenges as well. Stuck by what she saw as the potential of positive psychology to bridge the gap in healthcare between extending life and quality-of-life, Jen returned to school in 2014 to pursue a Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree (University of Pennsylvania ’15). In 2018, she founded HEART Initiative, a social impact organization with a single mission— to help individuals with chronic and degenerative diseases live with less fear and more peace, joy and vitality. Through the elements of Hope, Engagement, Action, and Resources, clients embark on a path to Thriving— reducing suffering and improving quality-of-life while navigating the long and often arduous road of chronic illness. Today she devotes her time to expanding HEART Initiative’s reach, presenting nationally and internationally on the dissonance between healthcare and human flourishing, and helping human beings everywhere live their best possible lives.

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