Ivan J Raymond 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Ivan J Raymond

Dr Ivan Raymond is a psychologist and the Clinical, Research and Education Director of Life Buoyancy Institute. Through his PhD and a number of working collaborations, he has developed the methodology of "intentional practice" (and growth-focused logic modelling). This is a mindfulness-based intervention design and implementation method to support the delivery of safe and higher impact outcomes across systems and practice. The approach can be applied to operationalise operationalise PPI's, whole-of-agency approaches and positive psychology interventions across complex settings. Further details on the science and applications of intentional practice can be found here www.lifebuoyancy.org. He is also a Founding Director of LBI Foundation, an Australian not-for-profit agency dedicated to building thriving capacity in disadvantaged communities (e.g., alternative education sites, trauma-informed care environments, regional communities) through intentional methods that integrate local community strengths with best-practice evidence. Further information can be found at www.lbi.org.au.

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