Nicolas Bressoud 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Nicolas Bressoud

Nicolas Bressoud is an educator, enthusiastic of the promise that positive psychology brings to education, especially in special education. He studied positive psychology in Grenoble Alpes University under the supervision of Rebecca Shankland and now coordinates classroom management training in HEP Valais. He also works as both as a school teacher for children with special needs and as a trainer for future teachers at Valais university of teacher education. He is especially interested in strengths-based interventions in schools and studies the impact of such programs in classroom climate, peers relationships, student-teacher relationship and school engagement. He focuses his research on integrative and inclusive settings and measures the conditions of flourishing children with special needs. For his PhD, he will be co-supervised by Prof. Andrea C. Samson (University of Fribourg), Rebecca Shankland (PhD, University Grenoble Alpes), and Philippe Gay (PhD, HEP Valais).

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