Bart Baselmans 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Bart Baselmans

Dr Bart Baselmans is a board member of the International Society of Twin Studies and a junior board member of the Amsterdam Public Health institute (Personalized Medicine). He is a post-doctoral researcher interested in public health with a focus on the genetics of well-being. During his PhD he became an expert in linking molecular genetic information to constructs like well-being, depression and neuroticism. This is reflected by his lead authorship position on the Nature Genetics publication that identified the first genetic variants for subjective well-being and depressive symptoms. Additionally, he developed a method that makes it possible to analyze clusters of correlated traits in order to identify genes associated with their shared etiology. Furthermore, he published the first epigenetic study linking changes in the epigenome to changes in the phenotypic variance of well-being. His PhD thesis with the title “Genetics of Well-being” shows the incredible progress the field of molecular genetics has made in recent years. His post-doctoral position, in the lab of well-being expert professor Bartels, is a continuation of his PhD research in where he will study social media patterns and smartphone senor data to understand and identify sources of individual differences in well-being.

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