Tan-Chyuan Chin 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Tan-Chyuan Chin

Dr Tan-Chyuan Chin is a wellbeing scientist, music psychologist and Director of The Wellbeing Profiler at the Centre for Positive Psychology at The University of Melbourne. Her research examines the enablers and contextual factors of what contributes to optimal and sustainable ways of wellbeing across the lifespan. Tan-Chyuan specializes in multi-method approaches of measuring wellbeing for needs analyses and program evaluation, using a combination of established and innovative techniques across physiological, psychological and behavioural experience sampling methods. As an early career researcher, Tan-Chyuan has developed three novel measurement tools across the interdisciplinary fields of music psychology and wellbeing. Less than four years out from her PhD, Tan-Chyuan has published 17 peer-reviewed articles, 10 commissioned research reports, and has delivered over 25 conference presentations. Her work is well cited within and beyond academia. Collectively, her work highlights the use of comprehensive, innovative yet considered approaches to conceptualizing, measuring and understanding complex concepts such as music engagement and wellbeing.

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