Sylvia YC Kwok 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Sylvia YC Kwok

Dr. Sylvia Kwok As an Associate Professor in the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong, my research mainly focuses on the family ecological and positive psychological factors that are related to anxiety, depression and suicide of children and adolescents. I have published a number of papers related to children and adolescent mental health problems, parenting and positive education in international refereed journals, and was invited as the guest speaker in different local and international conferences and symposiums. As the Director of the Positive Education Laboratory in SS, we have collaborated with over 100 local schools to promote positive education for the students, teachers, parents and the community. I have received over US$3,600,000 funding for my positive education projects in the previous years. The school projects include: “Enhancing hope and gratitude to alleviate depression in primary and secondary school students”, “Whole school positive education approach for primary schools”, “Developing hope and optimism to decrease anxiety in secondary school students”, “Application of positive psychology for whole person development of pre-school children”, “Integrating positive psychology and elements of music therapy to alleviate anxiety and depression of primary and secondary school students”, “Implementing positive education to nurture wellbeing and enhance mental health of primary school students”.

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