Catherine J Bell 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Catherine J Bell

Catherine Bell is the Director of Bell Training Group, at the beach in beautiful Ocean Grove, Australia. She believes in the power of people to do very cool things and helps Leaders, Teams and Organisations make the most of their strengths. Catherine is a Consultant, Facilitator and Professional Coach specialising in Positive Change, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Creating bespoke solutions for her clients grounded in research, she is committed to bringing Positive Psychology to life in workplaces around Australia - and the world! Catherine's background in business and hotel management means she is a practical problem solver, with an eye for great customer experiences and a heart to serve. At 25, her life changed unexpectedly when a short working holiday in Japan propelled her into the world of Organisational Development, working with a staff of 250 teachers and oversight of a $3 million program at one of Japan's largest English Schools. Since then, she has pursued her OD career passionately with premier hotel brands and 9 years ago, started Bell Training Group. Her ongoing studies in Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Leadership drive her desire to harness the best in people in organisations to make the world a better place.

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