Hanna Redpath Kidd 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Hanna Redpath Kidd

Hanna Redpath Kidd (BA, BPHE, BEd, MSc, MEd, RP, CAPP) is a teacher, registered psychotherapist and school counsellor with two decades of experience. She has spent her career developing wellbeing in others – social, emotional and physical. She specializes in international education and has worked in Korea, China and Canada. Her current school, Ridley College, aims to ‘inspire flourishing lives’ in children from across Canada and from 63 nations around the world. Creating personal connections and supporting students and families through life’s challenges led Hanna to pursue a Master’s in International Counselling. Working as a psychotherapist in private practice as well as a school counsellor, Hanna has found a way to support children, teens and adults, no matter where they are on the wellbeing continuum. Hanna is the Project Leader of Visible Wellbeing at Ridley College, which is North America’s first Visible Wellbeing School to partner with Professor Lea Waters, President of IPPA. In this role Hanna is responsible for leading and implementing the science and research of wellbeing to all students, faculty and staff in the school. In her role as Lower School Counsellor at Ridley College she teaches the habits of wellbeing including mindfulness, gratitude, savoring, emotional management, and conflict resolution. She enjoys leading parenting workshops that inspire parents to use strength-based techniques to enhance their family relationships. Her passion for wellbeing has led her to recently complete a Certificate in Positive Psychology and become a trained Visible Wellbeing facilitator. Hanna has been a workshop presenter at both the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference and the International Positive Education Network’s World Positive Education Accelerator.

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