Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Strengths Atom (#807)

Daniel Tomasulo 1
  1. Columbia University, New Yok City, NY, United States

This presentation explores the use of a technique, the Strengths Atom, which may facilitate a client’s understanding of the use of top strengths as measured by VIA-IS Character Strength Survey.  Use of this technique with paper and pencil as well as role-playing options in individual and group settings respectively is discussed.

The “Strengths Atom” is a tool developed by the author that has been used for the past several years as a multi-level vehicle to help individuals and groups understand how embedded strengths exist in their lives.  It is simple in design and often has the advantage of having clients see themselves in relation to their strengths through a new lens.  It provides practitioners with an exploratory technique, which may provide engaging ways to discuss the use of strengths in a client’s life. The primary goal of the exercise is to discuss top strengths at a nuanced level through self-reflection.  There is also a renewed appreciation for emotional agility for these strengths at different times in their lives, and often a consideration for modification and expansion of their use in the future.