Roundtable Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Efficacy Of The Fun For Wellness Online Intervention To Promote Well-Being Actions, Perceptions, And Self-Efficacy (#230)

Isaac Prilleltensky 1 , Ora Prilleltensky 1
  1. University of Miami, Miami, FLORIDA, United States

Background: There is a need to create well-being interventions that are scalable. Fun for Wellness (FFW) is an online intervention designed to promote well-being in six domains of life: interpersonal, community, occupational, physical, psychological, and economic (I COPPE). Based on a randomized controlled trial, evidence concerning the efficacy of FFW to affect I COPPE domains of well-being will be presented.

Methods: A total of 479 adult employees of a major university in the United States participated in a prospective, double-bind, parallel-group randomized controlled trial. Data were collected at baseline and 30 and 60 days. Participants had 24/7 access to FFW.  

Results: Participants who complied with the FFW intervention showed gains in several of the I COPPE domains of well-being. Compared to controls, participants had significant higher well-being action scores in the interpersonal domain at 60 days, and the physical domain at 30 days. Similarly, participants who engaged with FFW reported significantly higher scores than controls in subjective well-being in interpersonal (60 days), community (30 and 60 days), psychological (60 days), and economic (30 and 60 days) domains. In addition, compliers reported higher levels of well-being self-efficacy.

Conclusion: FFW is a promising intervention to promote well-being perceptions, actions, and self-efficacy.