Podium Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Deliberate Diversity In the Workplace (#108)

Chad Thomas 1
  1. BetterUp Inc, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, United States

Our global workforce is evolving at breakneck speed. An unprecedented number of generations overlap in the workplace, and increased attention on gender and racial inequities has created a purely reactive response to diversity. The evolution has left organizations scrambling from the clash of perspectives around the concept of work. As a result, companies have been required - often for the first time - to create a culture that promotes belonging and fosters cross-cultural employee engagement.

Diversity, however, remains an abstract idea outside of core business operations, often considered an afterthought in hiring and succession planning processes. This myopic approach to defining success by rewarding the “least worst” in league table diversity rankings will fail to create the desired state organizations seek.

To achieve a new normal, leaders must create a culture of deliberate diversity, encouraging employees to be intentional in thought and prosocial in interaction. By creating safe spaces to discuss differences and celebrate the array of customs and beliefs that tell our individual stories, we can increase collective well-being and enhance organizational productivity. Moreover, as organizations practice deliberate diversity, the amplifying effect on their products and services will redefine the world of work.