Symposium summary 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Cross Cultural Encounters with Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology (#168)

Diana Whitney 1 , Lindsey Godwin 1 , Max Watanabe 1 , Maria Giovanna Vianelloq 1
  1. Corporation for Postiive Change, Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA, United States

Have you ever wondered how to adapt appreciative practices, while staying true to the principles of positive change, in order for your work to be meaningful and accepted in your culture, country or company? While Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology emerged in the United States: AI as an innovative process for life affirming organizational transformation; Positive Psychology as an antidote to years of deficit based research and practice in the field of psychology both have gained international recognition and are practiced worldwide. In the process, both have been adapted as new practices have been created by practitioners around the world.

Four leading practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology, Diana, Max, Maria and Lindsey will share with you how they have used Appreciative Inquiry and/or Positive Psychology in their unique cultures, communities and companies. From keynote speeches, to training programs to whole system change, they will share ways to apply appreciative principles and adapt practices to ensure success. You'll collaborate with others to identify cross-cultural issues facing Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology practitioners and to pose questions and case examples. Together we will address issues and questions and share ideas for culturally designed experiments applying Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology.