Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Social Resilience At Work After Crisis (#664)

Krisse Lipponen 1 2 , Bodil Mickels 2
  1. Kimurantti Oy, Espoo, FINLAND, Finland
  2. Taitoba House, Helsinki, Finland

In positive psychology resilience is person’s ability to bounce back.  It’s also as group’s capacity, but not much is done in that regard. In organizational psychology resilience is used as  organizations strategy’s resilience, it’s adjustability. Studies of social resilience, ability of social entity to tolerate, absorb, cope with and adjust to threats, are found in geography.

Geography has studied communities facing disasters, uncovering the ways people help each other to recover.  We take that into office environment after crises (e.g. violence, sudden death) and help people recover and carry on with their work.

TOTTI is a solution focused group session fostering social resilience. In Finland debriefing is used at such situations, not the best way to deal with work related traumal. In debriefing air time is given to the trauma, in TOTTI-model air time given to resilience. TOTTI also increases understanding of resilience because no word for in in Finnish.

In TOTTI resilience is build with empowering solution focused questions: coping methods people have, ways they support each other, use their creativity and concrete steps to recovery. 

The project trains TOTTI facilitators nationwide in Finland. Trainingsare held in 2018- 2019, feedback is gathered. In 2020 the project will be evaluated.