Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

UPRIGHT Manual and Validation Phase (#193)

Nina Tange 1 , Mette Ledertoug 1 , Hans Henrik Knoop 1
  1. Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Based on the UPRIGHT theoretical framework and a co-creation phase involving students, teachers and parents an intervention-programme for building resilience and wellbeing and preventing mental illness in teenagers was created. The Danish research-team was in charge of the process, editing the manual with contribution from all UPRIGHT-partners. The UPRIGHT-programme consists of a manual for teachers and slides showing theoretical points and student exercises. It includes links for videos illustrating skills and components, relevant videos/films and mindfulness-audios. The UPRIGHT-programme also consists of an interactive IT platform for teachers and parents.

Selecting relevant exercises for the program demanded pivotal considerations:

  • Using evidence-based exercises, which have proved effective.
  • Using exercises from professionals within the field.
  • Constructing exercises by UPRIGHT partners.

The purpose was to create an intervention program, which is highly effect-full by choosing a mixture of all selection categories and securing a variety of methods; from traditional school exercises to exercises requiring technology, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

The UPRIGHT-program was validated to ensure engagement and good result; enhanced wellbeing, resilience and reduced mental health problems.

The validation phase has included:

  • Initial participant validation
  • Internal audit
  • Final validation of the manual by participants.