Podium Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

The Connecting Community Program (#37)

Hugo Alarcon-Caro 1
  1. The university of Melbourne, Preston, VICTORIA, Australia

A pilot intervention program involving a group of residents living in a block of apartments from the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne will be conducted to explore the effects of positive psychology interventions (PPI's) and specific activities on social connectedness and loneliness. Distancing from conventional programs, the present study seeks to approach the general population, particularly adult individuals, in their real-life environments, their residences.   Participants will practice Gratitude, Loving-Kindness Meditation LKM) and Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) interventions in conjunction with social activities designed to increase connectedness among the residents.   Three measuring scales will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the program: UCLA, Revised (SCS-R) and the PERMA Profiler. It is expected that participants will increase social connectedness and reduce levels of loneliness from the interventions provided. Although this program is designed to be an intervention program, it could also be used as a vehicle to prevent loneliness.