Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

The Epidemiology of Team Engagement (#571)

Ivana Fabianova 1 , Radvan Bahbouh 1
  1. Charles University, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, Czech Republic
The present tool offers a way of measuring team engagement through social connections between people. In the same way as epidemiology analyses the distribution of diseases within given population, Sociomapping (Bahbouh, 1994) is a method that enables us to visualize patterns between group members based on selected criteria. It is usually used to visualize communication intensity, psychological distance, cooperation quality, intensity or mutual trust.   The most common way of measuring engagement is through self-rating scales. This approach omits the social dimension of engagement. The present tool offers a way of measuring engagement as a social characteristic, using questions mapping how others (team members) contribute to my engagement. Based on the Gallup’s  (1998) Q12 questionnaire, Herzberg’s (1959) two-factor motivation theory or Schaufelli’s (2003) UWES, one of the key engagement moderators (at the workplace) is the presence and influence of other coworkers. Sociomapping tool allows measurement of social aspect of engagement and identification of sources of (de)motivation in a given team.