Workshop 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Fostering Purposeful Work: An Intro To Evidence-Based Positive Career Coaching (#89)

Bryan Dik 1
  1. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, United States

Nearly all coaches affirm the value of evidence-based practice, but how many of us can describe what exactly this looks like in our work with clients who desire a purposeful career? This workshop is about ensuring that what you do with clients actually works.  There are two ways to accomplish this: (A) using strategies that have been shown to work in research, and (B) measuring your own outcomes to evaluate the effectiveness of your work directly.  To address A, this workshop will describe results from recent meta-analyses that highlight what works in effective career interventions, using the acronym WIMSI: 1) written exercises, 2) individualized interpretation and feedback, 3) modeling of effective decision-making behavior, 4) support-building, and 5) information about the world of work.  Concrete examples of each critical ingredient will be provided.  To address B, examples of strategies coaches can use to collect their own effectiveness data will be provided, typical results will be shared, and ways to use this information to improve practice and market its value effectively and ethically will be discussed.  The workshop concludes with key takeaways and action items that attendees can implement as they return home and get back to work. 

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