Podium Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

The Effectiveness Of Motivational Interviewing To Support Plasma Glucose Control. In Type 2 Diabetes Patients   Study At General Hospitals In 5 Provinces Of Thailand (#188)

Terdsak Detkong 1 , Radtada Kornprasi 1
  1. Department of mental health, Muang, NONTHABURI, Thailand

The Objective of the study was to measure effectiveness of motivational interviewing on plasma glucose controlled in Type 2 Diabetes . This research was a quasi-experiment. Compare pre- and post-test results, immediately after 3 months and 6 months follow-up. The 351 volunteers from NCD clinics in general hospitals of 5 provinces were in the study. The tools used in the study included motivational interviewing programs for controlling plasma glucose . The instrument used for data collection was a record of counseling.

RESULTS: 94 percent of the patients attempted to modify their own health behaviors. Most of the motives came from family, especially grandchildren and children [78%].For Diabetes control the data showed that Plasma glucose levels in the experimental group between the 1st and the 4th month and follow up at the 7th and 10th. Month. The percentage of patients that Plasma Glucose had significantly decrease [Change their level of severity] by 63.8, 71.8 and 70.6 percent respectively. The improvement were statistically significant.

    This study demonstrated the effectiveness of a motivational Interviewing program that combines with normal care has clear advantage and should implement this program into normal practice in Diabetes clinic.