Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Exploring The Impact Of A Positive Education Program On The Wellbeing Of Adolescent Girls (#504)

Madonna Ahern 1
  1. Mt St Michael's College Ashgrove Qld Australia, Ashgrove, QUEENSLAND, Australia

Australian secondary schools in the 21st century are being called on by governments, parents and educators to promote wellbeing alongside academic pursuits. Emerging in this area is the science of positive psychology which focuses on the scientific enquiry into the factors that promote wellbeing from a preventative rather than a deficit model. The application of positive psychology to education is called positive education. This study explores the impact of a positive education program on the wellbeing of adolescent girls in their transition year to secondary school and following year. Researchers in the area of positive psychology are calling for more empirical studies to be done, particularly in the area of adolescent wellbeing, to address the limited amount of research in the area to date. That is, the current study contributes to this underresearched area by providing empirical evidence on a longitudinal study of a positive education program using five evidence-based constructs.