Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Global Perspectives on Vitality (#525)

Jackie F Blunt 1
  1. Lincoln University, Lincoln, CANTERBURY, New Zealand

In Eastern wisdom culture, vitality underpins the health of body and mind and is an aspect of life which has been cultivated for centuries through a variety of practices. How can we explore, research, and apply these concepts in modern life? Our understanding of body and mind is becoming comprehensive, but the area of vitality remains poorly understood.  In this presentation/conversation hour/poster, Dr Jackie Blunt, family doctor, university well-being coordinator, well-being coach and Yuan Qigong practitioner will discuss well-being using a framework of positive mind, vitality and physical health and their interrelationships with each other. She will explore concepts of qi theory from Chinese wisdom traditions and provide simple activities for participants to explore the nature of vitality for themselves.