offered a podium presentation (variation) 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

The Spread Of Compassion In Healthcare: Social Network Analysis And Measuring The Systemic Impact Of An Intervention. (#109)

Sean A O'Connor 1
  1. Sydney University, Camperdown, NSW, Australia

Network approaches, including Social Network Analysis, provide an opportunity to measure change and systemic impact of interventions. These approaches go far beyond the linear perspectives of traditional psychological and person-centred approaches, operationalising systems-based perspectives particularly important for understanding and working with complex systems.

Social Network analysis data identifying the spread of compassion through two interventions, Mindfulness meditation and goal-focused positive psychology coaching, across hospitals in the Sydney local health district will presented. The relationship of this network data to individual level findings on changes in perspective taking and well-being will also be identified. Practical implications will be drawn for future intervention design as well as implication for creating positive organisational climates. Inferences will be drawn to inform future research design and measurement approach with the aim to support endeavours in systemic approaches to studying positive psychology, coaching and change.