Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

The Wheelchair Story. Or: Naked On A Mountain.  (#661)

Johanna JL Lienerth 1
  1. SAP SE / MindUppers / University of Bayreuth (Germany), Adliswil, ZüRICH, Switzerland

As a doctoral candidate in the research of well-being and as a happiness entrepreneur, I have been meeting a myriad of people that have been hardly hit in life (including myself). Moreover, I was born as a highly sensitive person, a HSP, who is easily accessible for both sides the suffering but also the positive energies of people's minds and beautiful moments. Within a five minutes podiums speech, I would like to share an inspirational story about a man in a wheelchair who I met some years ago. The environment in which I saw him for the first time was full of unsatisfied and distracted employees. Once he rolled into the room he made everyone look up from their phones. Without uncovering what he did at this point already, I asked him a couple of months later why he did it. The words he shared with me is what I want to share with the audience of the Positive Psychology Congress, too. These words teach us that happiness can be found in everyone of us, even when our whole body is not able to function anymore and when there is nothing left except our mind.