Conversation Hour Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Positive Thinking; An Attempt To Develop A Spiritual Theoretical Model, A Positive Thinking Scale And A Positive Thinking Skills Training Package (#110)

Marjan Hassaniraad 1 , Mohammad Khodayarifard 1
  1. Department of Education and Counselling, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Objective: The aim of the present presentation is offering a theoretical model based on the spiritual positive view, and then discussing the development of a positive thinking measurement scale. Finally, the effectiveness of a novel training package is discussed. Method: In order to fulfill this aim, the presenter shortly reviews philosophical and historical foundation, and spiritual perspectives of positive thinking. Next, the normalization procedure of the 35 item Positive Thinking Scale is presented shortly. Then, the Positive Thinking Skills Package training program is introduced. Results: It is argued that spiritual positive thinking which mostly centers on the fourfold relational positive thinking paradigm we found in spirituality (relation with Divine, nature, others, and self) need more consideration in the present terrestrial lines of thought. Also, Positive Thinking Scale has appropriate psychometric properties and can be used for research purpose. Furthermore, ANCOVA results show that Positive Thinking Skills Package significantly affects participants' positive thinking. Conclusion: Taking advantage of spiritual insights in international positive paradigms can benefit many people around the globe. Therefore, Positive Thinking Skills Package which is based on this paradigm, is an effective intervention for enhancing well-being of human beings.