Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Sources Of Happiness In Urban And District Communities In Indonesia   (#568)

Nurlaila Dr Effendy 1
  1. Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya, EAST JAVA, Indonesia

Background: Happiness is an important subject in the science of psychology and the theory of psychology is related to cultural-bound. Indonesia is pluralistic, multicultural with a large number of ethnic groups (577-660 tribes based on the language).Aim: The purpose of this research is 1) to construct identity of happiness in  districts and urban communities; 2) to construct happiness constructs in accordance with the Indonesian people, can be a measuring tool to measure happiness. Methods: The method in the study was qualitative (grounded) with constructive realism and FGD. The subjects of this study were 416 with various professions, and the age range of 24-65 years. Results:  There are 7 sources of happiness: Achievement (achievement, education, finance, job) Pleasures (hobbies, tours, me time, culinary, facility), Relations (spouse, nuclear family, extended family, close friends, friends, neighbors, co-workers, friends in the social organization), Physical health, Intimacy (togetherness, support, affection), Religious (religious activities, grateful), and Meaning (beneficial for others, share material, share non material). Conclusion: The results of the identification of happiness have 7 themes. Interpersonal relationships make a large contribution above 50% . The study is ongoing and will be completed in June 2019 for happiness measuring instruments.