Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Concordance Of Goals And Meaning In The Work Domain: Associations With Sociodemographic Variables And Well-Being In South Africa (#667)

Christelle Liversage 1 , MariƩ P Wissing 1 , Lusilda Schutte 1
  1. North West University, Potchefstroom Campus. South Africa., Potchefstroom, NORTH WEST, South Africa

Background & Aim

Scholars and business leaders alike indicate the strategic importance of employee well-being. Although well-being has taken a pivotal role in organisational research, studies associated with eudaimonic well-being (and concordance of goals and meaning) in the work domain are sparse. Therefore, this study explored how patterns of goal-meaning alignment in the work domain are associated with well-being indicators and sociodemographic variables.


Participants (N=585 South Africans, 18 years or older with at least secondary school education) completed well-being questionnaires and open-ended questions on important goals and meaningful things in a mixed methods convergent parallel design. Qualitative data were coded and transformed to quantitative data. Frequencies were determined for data categorized in the work domain of life and one- and two-way ANOVAs conducted to determine associations among variables.


Half of the participants referred to work as one of the most meaningful things in their lives, but many more referred to work as important goals. Significant associations between alignment patterns, some sociodemographic variables, and specific indices of well-being were found.


Qualified support for the self-concordance model in the work domain is found. Pointers for the promotion of eudaimonic well-being in the work context are suggested.