Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Personal Values And Religiosity Of High School Students Who Show High Score In Social Responsibility Measure. (#592)

Marshela Hardi Muhid 1 , Shofia Hanifa 1 , Yulmaida Amir 1
  1. Psychology , Faculty of Psychology, University of Muhammadiyah Prof.DR.HAMKA, South Jakarta, jakarta, Indonesia

The complexity of the problem of adolescents with the prevalence of a variety of apprehensive influences from social media, is not enough to only be dealt with in the form of rehabilitation but more importantly prevention efforts are carried out. Social responsibility, which means caring, commitment, skills to contribute in improving the welfare and safety of community members needs to be grown in adolescents. Since religion and a number of social values ​​have been taught in school and in the society, how do these values ​​reflect on adolescents. This study is aimed at identifying religiosity and personal values ​​of adolescents who show a good score in social responsibility measure. Data gathered from high school students in Jakarta, using religiosity scale, global social responsibility scale (GSRS), and Schwartz Short Values ​​Scale (SSVS). In data processing, we found 302 students can be cathegorised as good in social responsibility.  89% of these students have good score in religiosity, and of 10 Schwartz’s personal values they believe in benevolence, achievement, conformity, self direction, and  security as they five top important personal values.

keyword: Social Responsibility, Priority Value, Religious.