Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Introducing Mindfulness to The Workplace (#538)

  1. Leanne Camilleri, MUNNO PARA WEST, SA, Australia

Around 90% of workers compensation claims in Australia involving a mental health condition are related to work stress. Employee wellbeing impacts productivity, presenteeism, staff turnover and relationships at work and home.


The poster will demonstrate how introducing a wellbeing initiative into the workplace influenced significant positive change in how participants managed demands in the workplace throughout a culturally adverse time of uncertainty in the Australian Shipbuilding Industry and will show how the voluntary implementation of a lunchtime wellbeing programme that incorporated mindfulness and the foundations of wellbeing  impacted participants and increased optimism and resilience while also impacting positively on the psychological safety of employees.

It will illustrate the findings and impact on a sample size of 70 employee’s ability to improve relationships, manage stressful demands in a dynamic environment and be more productive.

Statistics will include attendance numbers and participant feedback.

It is intended that the audience key learning or take always from the presentation will show how mindfulness is a simple tool with big benefits that significantly reduce stress and helps employees be more strategic in how they show up to work each day and interact with others. It will share participant feedback from participants from their experience.