Podium Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Outcomes On Strengths And Well-Being Through Evaluative Inquiry And Intervention (#106)

Wanda Krause 1
  1. Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada

This presentation focuses on the connection between individual capacities and influence in one’s area of activism, family or organization. It is critical that one understands not only how to develop individual capacities but one’s capacities in relationship to others in order to influence and have the impacts desired. This presentation provides an overview of the indicators associated with capacity development in four areas: subjectivity, behaviour and skillset, culture, and systems. Krause argues that strength needed to influence and have impact must include the development of not only individual capacity but the individual in relationship to others. As strengths can be harnessed through interventions this presentation provides a developmental and evaluative framework for understanding how capacities can be developed and harnessed with targeted interventions in these four areas. Krause applies an Action Learning and Evaluation Framework (AlEval) combined with an Integral Theory approach (AQAL) to provide a map to examine how best to support and develop individual strengths and wellbeing at the individual to the collective levels for performance across systems, including the family and workplace as desired outcomes.