Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Women’s Thriving And Impact In The Workplace And Organizations (#635)

Wanda Krause 1
  1. Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada

This roundtable on women’s thriving and impact in the workplace and organizations focuses on women’s capacities to influence. The question that drives this inquiry and the roundtable discussion is: what do we need to achieve greater inclusivity of women and enable their wellbeing, performance and impact? A great deal of evaluative research and study has been devoted to understanding women’s place, role and status in the workplace and organizations. Civil society organizations, businesses and various institutions are often struggling to grapple with burn out. Yet, little attention is devoted to understanding the relationship between women’s thriving and their impact. In this roundtable we will discuss the link between thriving and performance. What leaders need to be more cognizant of is that women – and men – are operating within systems that do not allow them to move forward and have the impact they might desire while challenges are intensifying. This roundtable discussion provides opportunity to explore the connections between women's thriving and impact in the workplace and civil society organizations. The facilitator will seek to addresses how workplaces can be more inclusive and provide the critical environment to enable women to flourish and create positive impacts for their organizations.